2015-16 MOPPETS Policies


We are honored to have the privilege of caring for your child while you enjoy this year's MOPS meetings!  While in MOPPETS, your child will have the opportunity to play with other children, learn a Bible-based lesson, enjoy snacks and participate in fun activities!


Please be aware of these important MOPPETS policies...


RESERVATIONS:  In order for us to be prepared for a fun time in MOPPETS, it is critical that you make a reservation for your child for each MOPS meeting.  This is easily done on the eVite for each meeting. As you RSVP your own attendance for each meeting, please note the name and age of each child who will be present for MOPPETS that day. This step is important in ensuring that we are adequately prepared with supplies and materials for all children.



(Age ranges are estimates. Classes will be adjusted to allow for even distribution of children.)

Baby Room (the nursery)                                                4 – 12 months**

Crawler Room (first classroom on left)                           12 – 18 months

Toddler Room 1 (2nd to last classroom on left)             18 – 24 months

Toddler Room 2 (clubhouse room)                                 2 - 3 years old

Big Kids Room (studio room)                                          3+ (must be potty trained)

(**children under 4 months are welcome! We just ask that you keep them with you during the meetings)


CHECK IN & CHECK OUT:  At each classroom door, before each meeting, there will be name tags for each child and a sign in sheet.  Make sure you always sign your child in and place their name tag on his/her back. You can drop your child off as early as 9:30am then head over to the Back Porch area for MOPS.  Each mother MUST sign her own child into MOPPETS at their classroom door and you are the only one allowed to sign your child out of MOPPETS!  This is a safety precaution and must be strictly enforced to ensure a safe and secure MOPPETS experience for everyone!  All children must be signed out of their classroom by 12noon at the latest.


 FOOD:  The Crawler, Toddler and Big Kids rooms enjoy a snack each week.  Due to allergy restrictions, the ONLY snack that will be offered to any children in classrooms this year will be Rice Chex. If your child has special dietary restrictions and can not have these, please note it on your MOPPETS Registration form and see the MOPPETS Coordinator to make alternative arrangements.  Baby food of any type is NOT allowed in MOPPETS.  In addition, diaper bags should not have ANY snacks or drink in them if they are left in classrooms.  Please see the MOPPETS Coordinator if you have concerns or questions.


DRINKS:  Excluding the Baby Room, water is the only drink allowed during MOPPETS.  Children in the Crawler Room are allowed to bring a sippy cup from home, as long as it is clearly labeled.  Cups for water are provided in the Toddler and Big Kids Rooms. 


LABELS:  Everything you bring for your child in each classroom MUST be labeled.  It is best if you label your child’s belongings prior to the meetings but if you are unable; blank labels are available for your convenience.  Items that must be labeled include bottles, diaper bags, sippy cups, etc.


BABIES:  All nursing moms are welcome to nurse your baby during MOPS meetings.  If you prefer, there are several rockers in the Baby Room for additional privacy.  If your child is bottle fed, you must write your child’s feeding schedule on the Sign In Sheet.  Formula must be premixed in their labeled bottle.  We are happy to warm bottles before feedings. 


CRYING:  MOPS typically, has a 10 minute crying policy.  Therefore, if your child is crying for 10 minutes straight (without substantial periods of calm), a MOPPETS Team Member will alert the MOPPETS Coordinator and she will let you know.  If you know your child will have a tough time transitioning into their MOPPETS room, please make sure the MOPPETS workers are aware!  A sweet but quick good-bye is better for everyone than a long, drawn out one.  Remember, this is a fun time for you and your child and if there are any issues, you will be contacted immediately.


POTTY TRAINING:  If your child is in the process of potty training, please make a note of it on the Sign In Sheet and inform the MOPPETS Team Members in your child’s room. 


SICKNESS:  Please be familiar with the MOPPETS Well-Child Policy.  Please do not bring your child to MOPPETS if they have:

-  Fever greater than 101.0 currently or within the last 24 hours without the use of fever reducing medication.

-  Vomiting, diarrhea or earache.

-  Any symptom of childhood disease such as mumps, measles, chicken pox, or whooping cough.

-  Runny nose with green or yellow mucus.

-  Colds or symptoms of a cold (coughing, sneezing, sore throat, etc.)

-  Any unexplained rash or skin infection such as impetigo or ringworm.

-  Pink eye or any other eye infection.


No medication of any kind will be administered by MOPPETS Team Members.  If your child needs medication, it must be kept by the mom until needed and then administered by the mom.


Out of consideration for the families involved in the MOPPETS program, our Team Members have been asked to not accept any child who is ill or appears to be ill.  If your child becomes ill during a MOPS meeting, you will be notified to immediately come to your child’s classroom.



Thank you, in advance, for your compliance with our MOPPETS Policies! 

MOPS Info,
Apr 7, 2013, 7:21 PM